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Strolling about in London I came across a couple of those red telephone booths. I still like them. They’re very British to me. As I was entering one of them to see if it was as small as I remembered, I noticed this ad. And I just couldn’t resist it. It’s actually quite clever. (Or filled with rhetorical features. Sort of the same thing if you ask me.)

First of all, it’s paraphrasing the classical
”Keep Calm and Carry On”.

Second, all four calls begin with the same sound (assonance) – Calm, Come, Kink and Coffee. There is no doubt in my mind that there is no coincidence in choosing those words. However, even though Champagne starts with a ”c” it is not the same sound. And that sort of screws it up a bit, pardon my french.

Finally,  I’m utterly fond of the choice of color. It makes it all come together.

Camilla says.

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